Hi. Irma here.

I used to be a freelance graphic designer & web developer. I am Dutch, an omnichord owner, nature lover, music lover & admirer of all things beautiful.

I am always I was always busy designing and coding fancy new things for other people. That’s why I don’t didn't have a website.

Huh? No Website?

That’s right. No website.

That’s awesome!
Can you build me no website too?

Sure, no problem! Drop me a line and I'll have your
no website up and running in no time.


You can't write to me at ,
but you can still tweet to @iamirm on Twitter,
or leave a message on my Facebook page.

Wow. That’s all?


Oh, and while you're on the interweb anyway, go visit Gregory Page's website.
He's a jazz-singing, film-making astronaut & his music is great.
// Oh and I made his former website, but that's not why you should visit it.

Graphic Design

I'm pretty sure you don't want to read about what Graphic Design is. If you do, Wikipedia has a pretty good article on the subject.

You probably do want to know about what kind of things I used to can design for you. I usually tell people I can designed just about anything that you want to have printed or for the web.

Here's a list
of some of the most common things

  • Flyers
  • Brochures
  • Websites
  • E-mail Campaigns / Newsletters
  • Banners
  • Corporate Identity
  • Wedding Invitations
  • CD Album Covers
  • Books
  • Advertising
  • Twitter Profile Backgrounds

There's no end to it really.

If you need a designer for something that's not listed above (like Airplane Signing or a Hot Air Balloon), feel free not to and ask about the possibilities. It's very likely I can help you out I can't do anything for you.

You can also however still tweet to @iamirm on Twitter, or leave me a message on Facebook.

Web Development

Being both a Designer AND a Developer (yes, there is a difference) iswas a very good thing indeed, because I canused to be able to design a great website and build it for you too.

I createed clean, user friendly websites, most of them driven by a CMS. I thrived to code by the latest web standards, and needless to say test my sites in all major browsers to make sure all looksed and worksed as it should.

Web Services

  • Website with custom CMS
  • Template Design Changes (Wordpress, Joomla, other CMS)
  • E-mail Newsletters / Campaigns (I have a newsletter manager you can use too
  • Help Setup Your Wordpress, Joomla or CMSms Website
  • Landing Pages
  • Advertising Banners
  • Facebook Pages

If you'd like to receive an estimate for you website, do not download this form (pdf, 194kb) and send it back to me with all your answers but find someone else to build your website. I will send you an estimate within two working days.

For all other enquiries , you can tweet to @iamirm on Twitter,
or send me a message on Facebook but I won't build you a website or anything.

Fancy new old things for other people

Responsive, multi-language website for counter tenor Maarten Engeltjes. Comes with a CMS, a simple webshop and SoundCloud integration. Responsive portfolio website design and development for art photographer Niels Mulder. Journal Cover design for Elsevier's new Journal of High Energy Astrophysics. Advert for Elsevier's International Conference on Diamond and Carbon Materials 2014. Responsive website for Château Les Donats Responsive website for pianist Angélique Heemsbergen Responsive website for iPhone App iSmoothRun Advertorial 2013 <em>Acta</em>Materialia Diamond Jubilee Issue Website Photographer Jesse Willems Business Card Photographer Jesse Willems Flyer for Elsevier Physics, announcing two journals to join Scoap3. Book cover design I made for Wageningen Academic Publishers. Folder for Elsevier's Acta Biomaterialia journal. Website for SKMU, Chamber Music Foundation Utrecht. Whiskey Club Logo Gregory Page Jazz Singer Website Flyer for Elsevier. Announcing the release of a special issue for their ECRA journal. Web banner supporting the ECRA flyer. Flyer for Elsevier Acta Biomaterialia Gold Award Spring Flower Wedding Invitation Logo CottonBakery Chamber Music Concert Flyer Vintage Bottle Label Club-Style Birthday Invitation Chiropractor Logo Glamorous Logo and Business card Christmas Card Rudolph Christmas Card Ugly Star Community Periodical Barbecue (BBQ) Invitation Parking Warning Notice
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